The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: “Her Lips Were Sealed Until Now”

As the authors of this book, an appointment was made by one author in 2001 to be a member of the County Substance Abuse Committee – after that, our committee was combined with the Mental Health board in or around 2013, to become the Behavioral Health Commission. The author has been a commissioner since 2013. With an AA in Business Administration (UOP), BA in Applied Criminology (VU), Masters in Education (AIU), Licensed California Private Investigator (CA PI 14248), Certified Medical Investigator (ACFEI #100848), Nationally Certified Psychiatric Technician (AAPT #2018-197), Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist (IPBH #HP/160505) and the other author an AA in Business Administration (UOP), Medical Investigator Intern (CiiA), Veteran Advocate; and both authors are Community Emergency Response Team -CERT-members (FEMA,) Certified Peer & Family Support Specialist (NAMI), Certified “Building Sustainable Transitions of Care for People with Addictions” HMA; Certified “Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training” RUHS

As a result - the relevance to Marilyn’s substance abuse and alleged mental health issues are well versed by the authors and the credibility to make assessments well established. Also, Rick (author) investigated approximately 12 California state death penalty cases up for an appeal at the United States District Court, which required re-investigating the crime (guilt phase;) and conducting a mitigation investigation that included interviewing the Death Row inmates relatives, three generations back to determine; physical abuse, mental illness, drug use or abuse, environmental influence, be-it contaminated drinking water, living close to toxic waste, air contamination, or the actual environment such as a gang-infested neighborhood, or poverty-stricken environment. We know how to find the truth and relevant facts to prove a case - one way or the other.

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