The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: “Her Lips Were Sealed Until Now”

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the Marilyn Monroe Murder uncovered


You have just stepped through the looking glass, nothing you read will seem true- your perspective on right and wrong questioned - your trust in our government will waiver -  your belief in the documents presented questionable…go with your gut feeling, it’s about 95% accurate!

The Central Intelligence Agency - they don’t train farmers at the farm; they teach you how to deceive, role play, psychologically assess, sell, exploit – the black arts, not witchcraft, but rather a trade-craft! Marilyn was a potential security risk; read, and you will find out why!

-the night-
Marilyn Monroe was Assassinated

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"Her Lips Were Sealed Until Now"

The only Marilyn Monroe book available with official documents and an interview with one of the assassins' 

An Investigative – Educational Journal

We believe, we believe in good and evil, we choose good; we believe in right and wrong, we pick right; our cause is just; our enemies anywhere, they’re all around us…some scary material out there; which brings us here, to the murder of Marilyn Monroe


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