The Murder of Marilyn Monroe: “Her Lips Were Sealed Until Now”

Major Flaw ~ Much More in Our Book

To begin with, it’s interesting that the Los County's D.A.’s office could not conclude if Marilyn’s body was picked-up by Westwood Village Mortuary or the Coroner’s office way back in 1982. A pretty simple question, and if the DA cannot decipher this, how can we expect them to conduct a competent investigation? Marilyn’s body was picked-up around 5:45 a.m.by Westwood Village Mortuary Guy and Don Hockett, where Alan Abbott was waiting to embalm Marilyn; however, at around 9:00 a.m. (over three hours later) her body was transferred by Coroner’s officials at the County Coroner. Where is the chain of evidence? There is none – the chain of evidence, lost, when Westwood Village Mortuary picked up Marilyn’s body, sealed the doors, and took her body to the Mortuary, and then the Coroner’s office picked her up at the Mortuary; three hours later.

In theory, we can stop right here and conclude, based solely on the above paragraph, that the autopsy was completely invalid, unable to confirm accurately any findings – for instance, what if the mortuary attendant and mortician tampered with Marilyn’s blood, or injected her with Nembutal or Chloral Hydrate; or at the most extreme, went to the lengths of starting to embalming Marilyn at the mortuary; the Coroner would’ve had to have completely fabricated their findings to cover-up the incompetent chain of command of evidence; however, we will continue and give you evidence that we believe is beyond a reasonable doubt that Marilyn Monroe was killed, ‘murdered.’ Was Dr. Greenson the one who participated in injecting Marilyn with additional Nembutal or did he or another mafia clown, Elliot, Gabriele or David inject her with air in the vagina area to cause an aneurysm

Thomas Noguchi, Deputy Coroner; stated in writing that Gary Hackett of Westwood Village Mortuary, who is one of two that picked up Marilyn’s body from her home at approximately 5:45 a.m. at 12305 5th Helena Dr. provided the initial information regarding the death of Marilyn and sealed the doors. After that, at approximately 9:00 a.m. Coroner’s officials Bob Dambacher and Clete Pace picked-up Marilyn’s body from Westwood Village Mortuary, just off Wilshire Blvd.; Dambacher said (from Tuolumne County, where he lives)) "...we checked her over thoroughly but found only one small bruise. As we were wheeling her out the door, wrapped in a sheet, there were reporters and photographers everywhere. It was a media circus, and my picture was seen worldwide all over the wire service…”   (The Union Democrat – interview published June 4, 2015)  

One of Robert Kennedy's bodyguards, Ray Charles Cadena, LAPD OCID, made many spontaneous statements, to our agency; that he participated in the murder and cover-up.  Both Ray and his partner were the ones who picked-up Robert Kennedy at the Santa Monica Airport at approximately 1-2 p.m. August 4, 1962 and followed him to Marilyn's with Peter Lawford present...   so much more in our book with documents to support every statement and conclusion.

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